R1Soft CDP Backup
for Dedicated Hosting
Up to 100 GB Storage
cPanel Remote Backup
for VPS and Dedicated Hosting
10 GB
25 GB
50 GB

R1Soft CDP Backup is included
with our Standard and E-Commerce
Web Hosting Plans

Automated and On-Demand Backup Options

While it’s always important to maintain a current personal backup of your website, sometimes the unexpected happens. In times of emergency, we offer a number of automated and on-demand backup services to help get you back up and running.

Hourly Backups with R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

R1Soft is an industry leader with their Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup software. We are proud to offer this automated backup service free of charge to all Standard and E-Commerce Web Hosting customers (on current rate plans), as well as to our Public Cloud and Dedicated Hosting customers for an additional monthly fee. Our separated backup servers replicate your information every hour of every day. If necessary, you can recover a single file, and entire folder, a MySQL database, or your entire account. R1Soft backups are maintained for up to four weeks. Public Cloud and Dedicated Hosting customers purchasing this optional service can choose the backup frequency and retention period.

Due to the nature of the OpenVZ VPS platform, R1Soft automated backups are not available for VPS customers. However we do have other backup options available.

cPanel Remote Backups

This optional service for Virtual Private Server (VPS), Public Cloud and Dedicated Hosting customers using cPanel can store an off-site copy of your cPanel accounts automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Backups can be restored at any time using the Web Host Manager (WHM).

Full Image Backups

Virtual Private Server (VPS) customers can request that a full backup of their entire VPS container be created at any time. Additionally, VPS containers based in the United States have full-image backups created automatically every 4 hours. These backups can only be restored in their entirety. If you wish to have greater control over what can be backed up and restored, please consider our cPanel Remote Backup option.

cPanel Backup Wizard

We make it easy to maintain a local copy of your files. Using the cPanel control panel included with Standard and E-Commerce Web Hosting plans, you can easily download a compressed copy of your website files, MySQL databases, or your entire account for local storage, anytime you like. We’ll help you quickly recover your stored backup whenever you may need it. This option is also available to VPS and dedicated customers who use cPanel.